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tickee is a free ticketing sales platform. It has great features, powerful scan apps and is easy to set up, within minutes.

How it works

  • 1Sign Up
    Sign up for an instant tickee account without risk or worries.

    It's all free: no contract, no hidden service fees and the ticket money is instantly transferred to your personal e-bank account.
  • 2Sell your tickets online

    On your tickee mini-site or straight from your website.

    The tickets are e-mail based and sent once the payment is (automatically) approved by your e-bank.
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  • 3Validate with a smart device

    Each ticket has a unique QR code, validated by the free tickee App on your smartphone, iPod or iPad.
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    We don't charge a handling fee. Up to 500 visitors tickee is free. Forever.

Dear Customer

How can we help you?

Do you have a question about the ticket purchase procedure, or any other tickee query? We're happy to help you at our human-staffed Zendesk Support.

Do you just need an overview of your ticket purchases? Here it is. Your first time at our services? Request your password to get in.



"It's all about Smartphones, Stupid" Smart devices are great. Everybody has one, they are easy replaceable and foremost, you don't need technicians to make them work.
Tickee App and ticket

Tickee App

The easiest way around

Using the Tickee App - and in extension using Tickee itself - is a celebration of simplicity.
The app is available for free in the App Store and is installable iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android. There is no password to remember and no network required while scanning.

Each ticket has a unique QR code, processed by the app. If there is a network available (wifi, 3G, ...), the app synchronizes the visitorlist with all other scan apps and your realtime dashboard statistics.

Available on the App Store

Available on the App Store
Tickee Android App and iPod

Android too

We love open source

We like to give you all the options, without confusion.
The Tickee android app behaves similar to the iOS app, leveling the simplicity and user friendliness.

The Tickee app works on all recent Android devices equiped with a camera and internet connection. It's perfectly possible to synchronize the visitor list between both Android and iOS devices.

And we love open source.

Available on the App Store

Available on the App Store

  • Account type Free
  • Cost/Profit ...
  • Market avg. ...
  • Subscription and bank transfer costs included.
    Only Premium accounts can add a service fee.


Free with benefits

For up to 500 visitor sales per month, Tickee is absolutely free. No handling fees, no information lock-in, no contracts.
Professional users can subscribe to a very light premium, opening even more options and benefits.

The free account is gratis forever, there is no expiration date.
The optional professional subscription is the most affordable package in the market. Calculate the benefit to see it for yourself.

Hint: once you sell 100 tickets ore more, a Premium account is more profitable than Free. How? Professionals can add a service fee.
  • Premium Pro

    umlimited sales
  • € 200/mo
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • Premium

    up to 2000 sales per month
  • € 40/mo
  • unlimited
  • 2000
  • Sign Up
  • Free

    up to 500 sales per month
  • Free/forever
  • unlimited
  • 500
  • Monthly plans

  • Free tickets per month
  • Ticket sales per month
  • Service fee option
  • Control & Analytics Panel
  • iPhone Scan App
  • Android Scan App
  • Plugins and API
  • Personal mini-site
  • Campaigning (Upcoming)
  • Tickee Crowd
  • Tickee HQ
Tickee Android App and iPod

Full Support

From Zendesk with love

The people at Zendesk are as focussed on user experience as we are. We teamed together to offer your user a clear and human based support center.

The Tickee full-service support center is available out-of-the-box for all accounts. In our opinion, the user experience is too important to fence it off behind premiums or service contracts.

Go to support
Tickee Android App and iPod

Simply Secure

Simple and transparent

Our security is based on logic and transparency. First off, we don't interfere with your e-bank transactions. Secondly, we adapted a lean security model based on Oauth2 and a fenced off API.

We are one of the few ticketing providers to leave the money transactions as they are: at the e-bank. Less layers equals less security risk.
We don't store credit card numbers or sensitive e-bank information.

We do store your ticket list. To secure this, we adopted the most performant authentication system around: OAuth2. We store all ticket data behind a single-entry API, avoiding most regular intrusion attempts.
Tickee mini-site

Themed Mini-site

Mini as diamonds

From the moment you publish a new event, your tickets are available on your personal mini-site. Styling the mini-site is a breeze with beautiful templates, fonts and custom backgrounds.

The mini-site is available for all accounts. Small accounts can save on development costs, professional accounts can allocate traffic peeks. And of course, the mini-site has social integration too.

To integrate Tickee in your own website, take a look at our plugins and API.
Passbook Tickets


Just the ticket.

No more searching through your email or fumbling with paper printouts. Passbook keeps all your tickets organized and at the ready.

Passbook keeps things like airline boarding passes, entrance tickets, and gift cards all in one place. Everything’s there — ready for scanning — right from your smartphone.
Tickee adapted this safe, easy and smart way of creating and storing tickets. For free, ready to use.
Facebook Events

Facebook Events

Social efficiency

We made it easy for you to connect your account with Facebook. Save time to focus on your social marketing.
And we didn't stop with Facebook, you can als connect Twitter, Google+, Foursquare and Dropbox and we're adding more social options every day.

Foursquare is deeply integrated into our dashboard, helping you to find the right location information and to enhance your visitors experience.

If you want truly impressive social integration, check our Tickee Crowd extension.
Live plugin


Easy as ABC

Integrate the complete ticketshop in your website with just 1 line of code. That's it.

<iframe src='{account}' name='tickee-iframe'></iframe>

We also provide a convenient plugin for WordPress, lowering the bar even further. Are you using a different CMS? We'd like to help you, add it to our wish-list here.

Available at
Rest API

Rest API

Rest assured

We invite all developers to dig deeper into Tickee trough our Rest API. All your account, ticket and user information is available - we believe strongly in open data.

Don't worry, all your data is secured. Developers only can access your sensitive data with your permission, we secured it with OAuth 2 to offer your account the best protection.

API documentation
Paper Tickets

Paper Tickets

Oldschool new style

We combine our next-gen scanning technology with pressed and perforated tickets. It's simple, beautiful and just as safe as our online service.

We love the simplicity of our paper ticket production:
  1. Design your personal front side
    Based on ready-to-use templates
  2. Order a batch online & send the press file
    All technical requirements are explained in the template
  3. Receive the pre-perforated batch by delivery
    Average shipping time: 1 week
  4. Print your event details on the dummies
    Any consumer b&w/color printer is usable

Download the template.
Crowd Collage

Tickee Crowd

Social gathering 2.0

Tickee Crowd is an awesome solution to plug in the social stream and collect all viral media around your event. Tickee crowd operates full automatic, region based.

Tickee Crowd works on your mini-site and is integratable as a widget into your website. There is even an API for the social stream.
We collect from Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox.

Tickee Crowd has optimized views for web, mobile and - most importantly - big screen projection.
Freddie (Mailchimp)


Nuts about Mailchimp

More soon.
'' MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It's like your own personal publishing platform. ''
Tickee HQ

Tickee HQ

Interactive Event Management

Tickee HQ is currently in closed beta.
We will be releasing a teaser soon.

Do you want to know more? Contact us.

Free as sunlight

tickee comes free forever, both for you and your visitors.
In addition, professional users can enhance their account to turn tickee's power into additional profits, without long term obligations.


We think it's all about the end-user. Our starting point is the optimisation of their experience. tickee learns day-by-day and modifies your application to the needs of your visitors.
Secondly, we invest heavily in social media to enhance your visualization and marketing options.

Mobile Scan App

tickee handles your visitor management from any device you like, app based. You don't need dedicated hardware, nor a technician and it is easily replaceable.

The days of PC's are long behind us, as are laser scanners and internet landlines.

Geek-proof API

tickee can be used right out of the box, but the Geek-fun really begins when you try our various open source plugins, extensions and full sized API.

Your information is fully accessible and there for you to use. Secured by Oauth2, of course.

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